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Wednesday 20:30 - 21:30

If you are completely new to pole then this class is perfect for you. No background in fitness or dance is required - just a willingness to give it a good go! We start each lesson with a comprehensive warm-up then move on to a bit of conditioning to help you build strength. We reacap the basic elements of pole every lesson before learning new spins, tricks and choreography. The lesson closes with a good stretch to help you with suppleness and flexibility. This is a very supportive environment, and everyone is encouraged to progress at their own pace. You will be sure to walk away with some new friends, improved body confidence and a new found amazement at what you can do!

What to wear? Sports attire, bare feet and shorts that end above your knees. If you have any questions,  just give use a call or drop us an email! 

£10 drop-in

£9 class pack