Beginners Level 2

beginner level 2.jpg


WEDNESDAY 18:00-19:00

Strengthen your foundation pole moves and build your pole repertoire!  Whether you have pole experience elsewhere, or have completed our beginners course - you are welcome to try out this class. You will learn new spins and choreography, and start to work on basic inversions such as laybacks, butterfly and more advanced pole sits. Whether you have just finished beginners or almost ready to head to intermediate; your instructor will work with you at your level, and options will be given throughout. You will also be introduced to the fundamentals of spinning pole, where you will learn how to spin with control, fluidity and build strength at the same time. Warning: it is during this class you may truly start to get addicted to pole!   

Prerequisites: Be able to climb the pole.

£12 : single session

£40 : 4 -week class pack