Meet The Team

Meet the Team

The Team

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Anna Maya is the director and lead instructor at Maya Dance and Fitness. She has been passionate about movement from a young age, with a background in dance and gymnastics. Her movement journey has continued into adulthood and she is now committed to sharing her love for Pole, Flexibility and the Aerial Arts. She has competed in major national and international pole dance competitions including UKPPC and Pole Theatre and has won titles such as Heir to the Chrome "Pole Queen".  She teaches Pole, Aerial Hoop and a range of Flexibility classes and loves to watch her students progress and achieve things they never thought possible! 



After several years of trying out various forms of exercise from handball to yoga, Patricia has found poledancing in 2014 and has been obsessed with the sensual style of the art ever since. She's performed and placed in several poledance competitions such as Heir To The Chrome and Dance Filthy UK as well as winning 'Sexiest' Award at Bristol Pole Championships. Patricia's love of dancehall helped her develop and master the great skill of twerking. She has since become a certified Twerk Technician and offers a monthly “Twerk it, Werk it” class at the studio; she also teaches Intermediate Pole Level 1 one Wednesdays. One of Patricia's greatest passion is to empower and teach people confidence and self love. 

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If you asked Sarah seven years ago to do a forwards roll or even touch her toes, she would have laughed and then cowered in the corner. Having proudly never attended a single PE lesson, it’s surprising that Sarah agreed to be dragged to a pole fitness class during her post-graduate degree in 2011. Since then however, Sarah has fallen in love with the art, the people and the community and subsequently developed a particular passion for flexibility training. Sarah has performed pole in numerous competitions and shows, and has been a key member of the organisation team for Pole World Festival since 2016. Sarah teaches “Get Bendy” every Thursday evening - focusing on back and shoulder flexibility. She hopes to show that it is never too late to start learning new skills and loves helping people achieve their goals. Aside from teaching, Sarah is a full-time lawyer, avid reader, sun worshipper and can be bribed with red wine.

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Gem has been a part of the Pole Industry for 6 years and is completely obsessed with pole.  She was a competitive gymnast, rhythmic gymnast and trampolinist while at school and studied contemporary dance at A level. She first began teaching while at University after doing pole for two years and went on to teach at a studio in Bath. In 2015, she got through to the finals of Pole Theatre and competed in the Pole Art semi-professional category. Gem regularly judges competitions from amateur to professional and is the co-director of the National University Pole Association. She is also the founder and organiser of Pole World Festival, which she set up in 2016 to bring together teachers, students and businesses to showcase and celebrate everything we love about pole. Gem teaches Contemporary Pole Flow once a month which she finds incredibly rewarding; especially watching her students grow and develop both physically and personally on their journey. 

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Becky was a competitive acro gymnast for twelve years, and took up pole three years ago. She teaches a monthly Partner Acrobatics class with her partner in crime - Becks Lovell as well as a monthly Beginners Acrobatics class. Outside of teaching acrobatics, Becky works as a Clinical Paediatric Biochemist.  In addition to gymnastics and pole, Becky's other passion is animals, and specifically her new golden retriever puppy Dylan. So be prepared for lots of puppy chat before and after class!