Why choose us?


Why choose us?

Maya Dance & Fitness is the most welcoming, fun and friendly studio! I attend weekly pole dancing and flexibility classes and Iā€™m always learning new things, having fun and I leave with a smile
— Harriet Jae


Your first class is bound to be quite nerve racking - however we pride ourselves in being a very friendly and supportive studio. Our instructors will soon put you at ease - and you will likely be sharing a pole or hoop with someone who is equally as nervous as you! You will be encouraged to support each other throughout the class and offer lots of words of encouragement!


All of our instructors are trained to the highest of standards, with a wide range of qualifications in their area of expertise. They will always be on hand to encourage you to perform close to your limits, but can also recognise when your body is not quite ready.  Individual support is given in every class as we recognise that no body is the same and everyone has different strengths.  We will always encourage you to train in a balanced and effective way, avoiding any potential injuries or imbalances in the body.


We offer a range of classes including Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop, Flexibility, and ā€¦ even Twerk! We are passionate about movement and believe that each discipline supports the other. Our Pole and Aerial Classes are levelled which means you will be practicing with people who are of a similar level to you; ensuring you are always working on something new and exciting!